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JLL Consulting is a company whose values are based on honor and integrity.  We want to share our expertise with customers to enable and equip them such that they can 'bake' security into their existing product and processes.  So often, it seems that security is tailored to large enterprises with large budgets. Our goal is to bring security best practices to small and medium businesses in a way that they can afford, maximize protection, and still profit from meeting their customers' needs. We especially take pride in training customers on existing best practices to bolster the security posture. 

Our Expertise
Basic scan - $200!

If your company would like just a basic scan using a commercial product, JLL Consulting is offering a basic scan (up to 32 IP addressess) along with an hour outbrief for $200!!!!  Contact us at info@jllconsulting.com to find out more details! 

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February 5, 2014

Jesse Lee (Founder JLL Consulting) quoted on NPR at the NAPE Conference in

Houston, Texas

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