About Us

JLL Consulting was founded in 2007.  We strive to run our company with integrity and honor.  We believe that cyber security is often biased towards large enterprises while leaving small to medium size businesses to fend for themselves.  JLL Consulting's mission is to equip small to medium size businesses with the training, tools, and knowledge necessary to operate with the same security posture that a security aware enterprise has invested in.
JLL Consulting is presently investing in the Energy Sector as part of the critical infrastructure.  We see that the Energy Sector has a real need for security services due to the rapid pace at which automation is taking place.
JLL Consulting's consultants are based accros the country from a wide variety of experiences specializing in various different corners of Cyber Security.  Many come from large organizations and understand the complexities of a complete cyber security program.  Additionally, our consultants have been trained in security engineering and understand what a well functioning security program looks like.